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Title Author Year Price  
Abiotic and Biotic Stress Management in Plants Vol 1: Abiotic Stress Sinha, Bhav Kumar & Reena 2019 Rs 2495.00
Advanced Molecular Biology Sharma, Shweta 2020 Rs 2150.00
Advanced Molecular Diagnostic Techniques: Principles and Applications Nandi, Sukdeb 2016 Rs 2250.00
Advances in Biochemistry and Biotechnology Vol 2 Chakraborty, Chiranjib & Biplab Sarkar 2014 Rs 1495.00
Analytical Methods for Medicinal Plants and Economic Botany Daniel, M & Denni Mammen 2016 Rs 1950.00
Analytical Techniques in Animal Nutrition Mandal, Asitbaran et al 2018 Rs 1450.00
Annual Review of Biochemistry Vol 54 Richardson, Charles C et al eds 1985 Rs 1200.00
Annual Review of Biochemistry Vol 61 Richardson, Charles C et al eds 1992 $ 65.00
Annual Review of Biochemistry Vol 63 Richardson, Charles C et al eds 1994 Rs 1200.00
Annual Review of Biochemistry Vol 65 Richardson, Charles C et al eds 1996 Rs 1200.00
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Weetall, Howard H ed 1996 EUR 199.99
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Mielenz, Jonathan R et la 2007 EUR 219.99
Bacterial Biogeochemistry: The Ecophysiology of Mineral Cycling 2nd edn Fenchel, T et al 2000 $ 146.00
Basics of Cell Biology Sharma, Ashok Kumar 2020 Rs 2195.00
Bioactive Phytochemicals: Perspectives for Modern Medicine Vol. 3 Gupta, V K 2015 Rs 3495.00
Biochemical and Environmental Toxicology Namratha, S 2020 Rs 2150.00
Biochemical Techniques and Instrumentation (PB) Parthiban, F, & S Felix 2018 Rs 175.00
Biochemistry (PB) Veerakumari, L 2004 Rs 275.00
Biochemistry (PB) Yaming XI, Che Chen 2017 Rs 395.00
Biochemistry 9th edn Berg, Jeremy M et al 2019 $ 322.99
Biochemistry and Genetics of Recq Helicases with CD Lombard, David B 2001 EUR 144.95
Biochemistry and Human Nutrition Sihag, Manvesh Kumar et al 2019 Rs 3600.00
Biochemistry and Physiology of Polymines in Plants Solcum, Robert D & Hector E Flores eds 1991 P 371.00
Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Physiology of Phospholipase A2 and its Regulatory Factors Mukherjee, Anil B ed 1990 EUR 79.99
Biochemistry of Foods 3rd edn (PB) Eskin, N A Michael & Fereidoon Shahidi 2016 Rs 2495.00
Biochemistry of Insects Rockstein, Morris ed 2013 Rs 4995.00
Biochemistry: A Short Course Mathews, Harry R et al eds 2014 Rs 995.00
Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life 4th edn McKee & McKee 2009 Rs 1795.00
Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in Coal and Coal Combustion Byproducts Sajwan, Kenneth S et al eds 1999 EUR 239.00
Biological Radiation Protection: A Protocol Manual Kumar, Raj 2017 Rs 1595.00
Biotech’s Dictionary of Biochemistry Francis, Meena 2007 Rs 495.00
Cell and Plant Physiology Chand, Gurdev & Brajeshwar Singh 2019 Rs 2295.00
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