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Title Author Year Price  
Abject Poverty of Odisha: The Way Out Sahu, Saheb 2017 Rs 699.00
Advanced Economic Theory: Microeconomics Analysis in 3 Vols Kapoor, S N 2020 Rs 5550.00
Advanced Microeconomics Rode, Sanjay 2019 Rs 1800.00
Agricultural Revolution in Developing Economy in 2 Vols. Bansil, P C 2017 Rs 6995.00
Agro Enterprises for Empowering Farm Women Rathakrishnan, T & S R Padma 2013 Rs 950.00
Analysis Gender Budgeting in Haryana Annu 2014 Rs 795.00
Arthashastra: Ek Parichay (Hindi) Jain, Suman 2020 Rs 1595.00
Baag Prabandh (PB) Mishra, Kaushal Kumar 2013 Rs 250.00
Basics of Economics Singh, Sanjay 2019 Rs 1950.00
Bioinvasions and Globalisation: Ecology Economics Managementand Policy Perrings, Charles et al 2010 P 36.00
Blue Economy of India: Emerging Trends Raju, Adluri Subramanyam ed 2019 Rs 1095.00
Brief History of Poverty Alleviation in Neoliberal Times Kalhan, Anuradha 2019 Rs 1895.00
China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Realigning Realities Roy, Prashant 2019 Rs 1395.00
Co Operative Development and Finance in 3 Vols Sen, A R et al 2018 Rs 5250.00
Comparative Jurisprudence: A Comparatie Appraisal of Westen Jurisprudence and Islamic Jurisprudence Chauhan, B S 2018 Rs 3000.00
Cooperative Capitalism: A Blueprint for Global Peace and Prosperity (PB) Smith, J W 2005 Rs 200.00
Cooperative Entrepreneurship in Actrion: A Conceptual Framework Ravichandran, K & S Nakkiran 2015 Rs 795.00
Corporate and Business Governance: Various Issues Challenges and Reforms Ahmad, Rais et al 2019 Rs 1650.00
Cost and Price Management Singh, Ramesh 2019 Rs 1850.00
Customer Life Time Value Zareen, Arshi 2019 Rs 1795.00
Delhi Dialogue VII ASEAN India: Shaping the Post 2015 Agenda Dahiya, Rumel & Udai Bhanu Singh 2015 Rs 995.00
Demographic Change and Levels of Livings: Study in National Development in an International Context Sen, Rathindra P 1989 Rs 395.00
Demography of India Bansil, P C 2017 Rs 2695.00
Demonetisation: Claims and Reality (PB) Sarma, Atul 2019 Rs 195.00
Deprovincializing Habermas: Global Perspectives Bailey, Tom 2019 Rs 995.00
Development of Economic Thought Olaniyi, Olayiwola Olubodun & Victor Adeyeye Abimbola 2018 Rs 1995.00
Digital Marketing Insights Kumar, Satinder & Manoj Bansal 2019 Rs 1195.00
Dimensions of Rural Poverty Sarma, P Perraju 2017 Rs 1995.00
Dr B R Ambedkar`s Thoughts on Economics Jaganath, Sindhe R 2019 Rs 3000.00
Dynamics of Economics Theory Singh, Sanjay 2019 Rs 1895.00
Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Development and Management Desai, Vasant 2012 Rs 1895.00
E-Governance in Emerging Economy: Development & Assessment Gupta, Rajan et al 2017 Rs 895.00
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