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Title Author Year Price  
Next Rural Economics: Construction Rural Place in Global Economies & NVR Jyoti Kumar 2010 P 90.00
Niti Aayog and Planning Commission: Some Reflections Saksena, K D 2019 Rs 995.00
Objective Agriculture: MCQ for Competitive Exams of Agriculture: ICAR ARS/NET JRF SRF IAS IFS PCS SLETS CSIR/UGC NET UPSC CS FCI and PH D (PB) Arya, R L et al 2017 Rs 650.00
Objective Plant Science: At a Glance Verma, Deepak Kumar et al 2014 Rs 220.00
One Belt One Road: Chinas Emerging Afghanistan Dilemma Swamy, A N 2019 Rs 1395.00
Perspective on Current Affairs 2019 (PB) Lal, Sohan 2019 Rs 299.00
Plant Pathology at a Glance: Encylopaedia of Plant Pathology (PB) Tripathi, D P 2013 Rs 495.00
Plant Physiology in Relation to Horticulture 2nd edn Bleasdale, J K A 2014 Rs 995.00
Polity and Economy: Agenda for Contemporary North East India Thomas, C Joshua 2018 Rs 1195.00
Population Dynamics and Socio Economic Development Shekhawat, Suman 2019 Rs 1650.00
Practicals in Agricultural Economics Sharma, Pawan Kumar, Sudhakar Dwivedi & Anil Bhat 2014 Rs 695.00
Principles Economics and Managerial Economics in 2 Vols Chakraborty, Manoj 2019 Rs 3700.00
Principles of Macroeconomics Kumar, Sanjay 2019 Rs 1995.00
Principles of Management Gill, Pushpinder Singh & Paramjeet Kaur 2017 Rs 1195.00
Principles of Microeconomics: A New Look Textbook of Microeconomic Theory 22nd edn (PB) Ahuja, H L 2018 Rs 699.00
Promotional Strategy for Investment Decision in Financial Markets Rathod, Arvind P 2018 Rs 1595.00
Public Relations and Media in Cooperatives: An Indian Perspective Verma, Sanjay Kumar 2019 Rs 995.00
Public Sector Banks at the Cross Road and the Way Forward Dash, Brajendra Kumar 2019 Rs 1500.00
Rajasthan mein Aarthik Paryavaran (Economic Environment in Rajasthan) (Hindi) (PB) Agarwal, Durga Prasad & Neeta Agarwal 2017 Rs 270.00
Recent Advances in Fish Ecology Limnology and Eco Conservation Vol 7 Nath, Surendra ed 2008 Rs 2195.00
Regional Economic Cooperation in South Asia: Nepalese Perspective Banskota, N P 1990 Rs 795.00
Regional Rural Banks and Economic Development Kalkundrikar, A B 1990 Rs 695.00
Research Methods in Environmental Economics Sundar, I 2017 Rs 2495.00
Resource Evaluation and Management Chouhan, Jaipal Singh 2019 Rs 1550.00
Retailing in India Ahamd, Rais et al 2018 Rs 1295.00
Ricebeen Katoch, Rajan 0 Rs 200.00
Risk Management in International Business P, Vidhusekhar 2018 Rs 1150.00
Rural Banking in India: An Imperical Study Savaraiah, G 1988 Rs 695.00
Rural Economy of Rajasthan Godara, R L 1988 Rs 495.00
Rural Property Planning: Risk Management Krause, Mike 1995 $ 73.95
S&T Diplomacy and Sustainable Development in the Developing Countries Miremadi, Tahereh 2017 Rs 1395.00
Saiddhantik Arthshastra evam Koutilya in 2 Vols Jain, Manoj 2018 Rs 2900.00
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