Information Technology

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Advancement and Challenges for College Libraries in IT Era Veer, Dharmaraj K & Shivaji Sontakke 2018 Rs 2095.00
Application of Webometrics on Modern Information Research Pal, Ashok et al 2020 Rs 500.00
Applied Arts Science in it Age (PB) Paul, P K 2020 Rs 525.00
Bioinformatics Barcoding and Benefit Sharing in Biodiversity Muthuchelian, K 2016 Rs 2899.00
Bioinformatics for Systems Biology Krawetz, Stephen 2009 EUR 199.99
Blended Libraries and Information Centres: A Blurprint for the Development of Information Profession in India Devarajan, G et al 2015 Rs 1950.00
Building Bioinformatics Solutions With Perl R and SQL 2nd edn (PB) Bessant, Conrad et al 2014 P 38.99
Complete Manufacturing Technology Book on Cashew Nut Shell Liquids (PB) Panda, Himadri 2021 Rs 1100.00
Complete Technology Handbook Pigments (PB) Panda, Himadri 2021 Rs 900.00
Creating Digital Library in Globalized E Society Ganguly, Shantanu et al 2020 Rs 1995.00
Data Structure and Software Engineering: Challenges and Improvements Antonakos, James L ed 2010 $ 120.00
Digital Banking and Cyber Security Lohana, Sarika R 2020 Rs 965.00
Digital Design and Verilog HDL Fundamentals (PB) Cavanagh, Joseph 2011 Rs 1995.00
Digital Information and Research Support: Transforming Library and Information Services in Knowledge Society Sukula, Shiva 2021 Rs 1250.00
E Governance of Commercial Taxes Department in India Veettil, Shaji Maram & Anilkumar K 2020 Rs 1050.00
Handbook of E Governance in India Sumathy, M 2020 Rs 1160.00
Handbook of Separation Process Technology Rousseau, Ronald W 2009 Rs 3495.00
Humanization in Technical Era and Technology Upgradation in Education Rathore, Rita Singh 2020 Rs 795.00
Importance of Digital Education Dave, Arpit 2021 Rs 1500.00
Information and Communication Technology in Education Sreedevi, P S 2019 Rs 995.00
Information Technology and Latest Trends in Libraries Shah, Mohammad Muzafar 2018 Rs 995.00
Information Technology for Management (PB) Tailor, R K 2020 Rs 500.00
Information Technology for Peace and Security (PB) Roitra, Ved Prakash 2021 Rs 595.00
Information Technology in Defence Sidhartha, S 2021 Rs 1595.00
Information Technology in Journalism Gupta, Om & Ajay S Jasra 2020 Rs 300.00
Intellectual Property Rights and Public Policy Nomani, Zafar Mahfooz 2018 Rs 1595.00
Introduction to Fish Technology Regenstein, Joe M & Carrie E Regenstein 2020 Rs 1995.00
Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (PB) Chawla, H S 2016 Rs 450.00
Liberal Arts Humanities and Technology in Digital Age: Few Selected Topics (PB) Paul, P K et al 2020 Rs 495.00
Library and Information Science Question Bank: For NET SET JRF Aspirants and Entrance Examinations of M.Phil Ph.D NVS KVS (PB) Kumar, Anand 2021 Rs 400.00
Looking for Information: A Survey of Research on Information Seeking Needs and Behaviour Case, Donald O 2002 $ 141.95
Parallel Algorithms (PB) Casanova, Henri et al 2010 Rs 995.00
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