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Aadhunik Sukshamjiv Vigyan (Modern Microbiology) (Hindi) Purohit, S S & Tanuja Singh 2008 Rs 1800.00
Aadhunik Sukshamjiv Vigyan (Modern Microbiology) (PB) Singh, Purohit 2018 Rs 500.00
Advanced Techniques in Soil Microbiology Varma, Ajit & Ralf Oelmuller eds 2011 Rs 2495.00
Advances in Marine Biology Vol 48: Aquatic Geomicrobiology Canfield, D E et al eds 2005 $ 230.00
Advances in Microbial Food Safety Vol 1 Sofos, John ed 2013 $ 280.00
Advances in Microbial Physiology Vol 49 Poole, Robert K ed 2004 $ 200.00
Advances in Molecular and Cell Biology Vol 33: Lipobiology Vusse, Ger van der & E E Bittar eds 2004 $ 396.00
Advances in Molecular Toxicology Vol 1 Fishbein, James C ed 2006 $ 305.00
Advances in Virus Research Vol 62 Maramorosch, Karl et al eds 2003 $ 190.00
Agricultural & Industrial Microbiology Kumutha, K 2015 Rs 2750.00
Agriculture Microbiology for JRF SRF IARI Ph.D. BHU all SAUs and ARS Exams (PB) Dudhe, Mangesh Y 2013 Rs 180.00
Annual Review of Microbiology Vol 42 Ornston, L Nicholas et al eds 1988 Rs 1200.00
Annual Review of Microbiology Vol 43 Ornston, L Nicholas et al eds 1989 Rs 1200.00
Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology Vol 49 Jones, Russell L et al eds 1998 $ 120.00
Applications of Molecular Biology in Environmental Chemistry Minear, Roger A et al eds 1995 P 178.00
Applied Dairy and Food Microbiology Singh, Rameshwar 2008 Rs 1500.00
Applied Dairy Microbiology 2nd Revised and Expanded edn Marth, Elmer H & James L Steele eds 2018 Rs 2595.00
Archaea: Molecular and Cellular Biology Cavicchioli, Ricardo 2006 $ 129.95
Atmosphere Microbiology Gregory, P H & N Polunin 2010 Rs 1650.00
Bacillus Subtilis and Other Gram Positive Bacteria Sonenshein, Abraham L et al 1993 $ 149.95
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Crop Productivity Maheshwari, Dinesh K et al 2013 EUR 184.99
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Disease Management Maheshwari, Dinesh K ed 2013 EUR 199.99
Bacterial Adhesion to Animal Cells and Tissues Ofek, Itzhak et al 2003 $ 119.95
Bacterial Cell Surfaces: Methods and Protocols Delcour, Anne H ed 2013 EUR 144.99
Basic Microbiology: A Illustrated Laboratory Manual Khuntia, B K 2011 Rs 1600.00
Basic Microbiology: A Illustrated Laboratory Manual (PB) Khuntia, B K 2013 Rs 495.00
Biocatalysis and Biodegradation: Microbial Transformation of Organic Compounds Wackett, Lawrence P & C D Hershberger 2001 $ 59.95
Biocatalysts in Biomass to Bioproducts Ramasamy, K, S Karthikeyan & U Sivakumar 2017 Rs 1995.00
Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Physiology of Phospholipase A2 and its Regulatory Factors Mukherjee, Anil B ed 1990 EUR 79.99
BIODIGESTER: An Innovative Technology for on-board Disposal of Human Waste in Indian Railways Singh, Lokendra & Vrat Kamboj 2018 Rs 695.00
Biological Sciences: Innovations and Dynamics Sinha, Rajeshwar P et al eds 2015 Rs 3950.00
Biotechnology: A Textbook of Industrial Microbiology 3rd edn (PB) Crueger, Wulf & Anneliese Crueger 2017 Rs 695.00
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