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Aadhunik Sahitya mein Naari Chetna aur Hasya Vyangya in 2 Vols (Hindi) Tiwari, Ramprakash 2020 Rs 2900.00
Academic Research Work in Geography: A Guide to Long Term Vision Bindu, K B 2020 Rs 1195.00
Advanced Economic Theory: Microeconomics Analysis in 3 Vols Kapoor, S N 2020 Rs 5550.00
Advanced Molecular Biology Sharma, Shweta 2020 Rs 2150.00
Advances in Classical Mechanics Kumar, Ashish 2020 Rs 2250.00
Advances in Earth Science Kipling, Barack 2020 Rs 2195.00
Advances in Gene Biotechnology Dickens, Gunnar 2020 Rs 2195.00
Advances in Human Psychology Singh, Anjana 2020 Rs 1795.00
Advances in Thermodynamics Ghosh, Pradeep 2020 Rs 2195.00
Agricultural Education Status and Prospects Lokesh, G B, D M Chandargi & M G Chandrakanth 2020 Rs 3450.00
Agricultural Finance and Management Desai, K Pranav 2020 Rs 1800.00
Agricultural Process Engineering Reddy, R N 2020 Rs 1500.00
Applied Lingyistics Upadhaya, S D 2020 Rs 1875.00
Arthashastra: Ek Parichay (Hindi) Jain, Suman 2020 Rs 1595.00
Basics of Cell Biology Sharma, Ashok Kumar 2020 Rs 2195.00
Basics of Food Biotechnology Canon, Brier 2020 Rs 2195.00
Basics of Information Technology Mittal, Deepti 2020 Rs 2150.00
Beekeeping: A Guide to the Better Understanding of Bees Their Diseases and the Chemistry of Beekeeping Carter, George A 2020 Rs 690.00
Bhisham Sahani evam Shailaish Matiyani ke Upanyaso ka Aalochanatmak Adhyayan in 2 Vols (Hindi) Sharma, Manoj K 2020 Rs 2900.00
Biochemical and Environmental Toxicology Namratha, S 2020 Rs 2150.00
Biotechnology and Food Security Canon, Brier 2020 Rs 2195.00
Business Friendly Resolution of Application Performance Bottlenecks Shiurkar, Ulhas D & R P Deshpande 2020 Rs 1795.00
Cell Biology Genetics and Plant Breeding Jondhale, A S 2020 Rs 2295.00
Chemical Properties and Analysis of Milk Singh, S K 2020 Rs 2195.00
Communication Architecture Implementation for 2D Mesh Topology on Chip Network Shiurkar, Ulhas D & S P Kodgire 2020 Rs 1895.00
Company Administration Accounts and Audit Corporate Law in 2 Vols Jain, Suraj 2020 Rs 3700.00
Competitive Agricultural Economics: For ICAR NET JRF SRF UGC NET and JRF and Other Competitive Examinations (PB) Sanjay et al 2020 Rs 320.00
Crime Against Women and Child Mohan, Surendra 2020 Rs 1595.00
Curriculum Designing and Development Tolstoy, Albert 2020 Rs 1795.00
Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology Sarang, Shaila Bhagwan 2020 Rs 1495.00
Development of Earth`s Crust Kipling, Barack 2020 Rs 2295.00
Development of Sign Language Recognition Techniques Shiurkar, Ulhas D & Anita Nikalje 2020 Rs 1595.00
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